Provisional Awards

Five Cities Orchid Society Show, Arroyo Grande, CA, April 1, 2016

Cymbidium N.R. ‘Sycamore Creek’ AM/AOS 83 pts.
© Larry Vierheilig 2016
Plant Name: Cymbidium N.R. ‘Sycamore Creek’ AM/AOS 83 pts.
(Cym. Canal Parish x Cym. Memoria Amelia Earhart)

Natural Spread Horizontal: 5.0 cm Vertical: 4.0 cm
Dorsal Sepal
Width: 1.6 cm Length: 4.0 cm
Petal Width: 1.5 cm Length: 3.5 cm
Lateral Sepal (Synsepal): Width: 1.5 cm Length: 3.0 cm
Lip (Pouch): Width: 1.5 cm Length: 2.0 cm

Description: Forty-eight flowers and two buds on two arching pendulous inflorescences; sepals and petals yellow-green overlaid red-brown leaving yellow-green margins; lip cream overlaid dark magenta with darker magenta spotting, cream showing through near crest, reverse veined and blushed dark magenta; column cream ventral surface spotted dark magenta proximally, spotted and barred distally, dorsal surface finely spotted and blushed magenta, anther cap magenta; substance firm; texture velvety.
Exhibitor: Bill Robson