Provisional Awards

San Diego Botanical Garden International Orchid Show, Encinitas, CA, October 03, 2014

Zygopetalum New Era 'Windflower' HCC 77pts
© Arnold Gum 2013
Plant Name: Zygopetalum New Era 'Windflower' HCC/AOS 77 pts.
(Z. Millie x Z. B. G. White)

Natural Spread Horizontal: 7.5 cm Vertical: 8.0 cm
Dorsal Sepal
Width: 1.8 cm Length: 3.6 cm
Petal Width: 1.7 cm Length: 3.6 cm
Lateral Sepal (Synsepal): Width: 2.5 cm Length: 4.1 cm
Lip (Pouch): Width: 4.8 cm Length: 3.9 cm

Description: Twenty-five nicely arranged flowers and eleven buds on five sturdy inflorescences; sepals and petals green heavily overlaid deep cordovan, bright contrasting green picotee; lip white overlaid solid violet on proximal seven eights transitioning to a white picotee margin around distal half; column white proximal three-quarters overlaid purple; substance very firm; texture waxy, column matte, lip velvet.
Exhibitor: Betty Kelepecz