Provisional Awards

South Bay Orchid Society Show, Torrance, CA, March 3, 2012

Eny. Highland Canary Athena HCC 76 pts
© Arthur Pinkers 2012
Plant Name: Enanthleya Highland Canary 'Athena' HCCAOS 76 pts.
(Ctt. Trick or Treat x E. incumbens)

Natural Spread Horizontal: 5.2 cm Vertical: 5.5 cm
Dorsal Sepal
Width: 1.1 cm Length: 4.0 cm
Petal Width: 1.3 cm Length: 3.5 cm
Lateral Sepal (Synsepal): Width: 1.1 cm Length: 3.7 cm
Lip (Pouch): Width: 1.1 cm Length: 2.8 cm

Description: Fifty flowers and twenty buds on four erect inflorescences; sepals and petals bright yellow gold; lip yellow gold, throat centrally veined burgundy; column yellow gold; anther cap white; substance firm; texture satin.
Exhibitor: Tuyet's Orchids
Den Graham Hewitt Ariel HCC 76 pts
© Arthur Pinkers 2012
Plant Name: Dendrobium Graham Hewitt 'Ariel' HCC/AOS 76 pts.
(Ellen x speciosum var. speciosum)

Natural Spread Horizontal: 3.2 cm Vertical: 3.5 cm
Dorsal Sepal
Width: 0.5 cm Length: 2.5 cm
Petal Width: 0.3 cm Length: 2.1 cm
Lateral Sepal (Synsepal): Width: 1.2 cm Length: 2.3 cm
Lip (Pouch): Width: 1.4 cm Length: 1.1 cm

Description: Two hundred sixty-seven flowers on fifty inflorescences; flower base color cream; sepal margins overlaid broken purple; lip overlaid purple with cream windows centrally; column white, anther cap white; substance firm; texture crystalline.
Exhibitor: Tuyet's Orchids
Z Blackjack Reno AM 83
© Arthur Pinkers 2012
Plant Name: Zygopetalum Blackjack 'Reno' AM/AOS 83 pts.
(Kiwi Klassic x New Era)

Natural Spread Horizontal: 9.3 cm Vertical: 9.5 cm
Dorsal Sepal
Width: 1.9 cm Length: 4.6 cm
Petal Width: 2.2 cm Length: 4.2 cm
Lateral Sepal (Synsepal): Width: 2.4 cm Length: 4.2 cm
Lip (Pouch): Width: 5.4 cm Length: 6.0 cm

Description: Fourteen flowers and five buds on three inflorescences; sepals and petals color apple green overlaid with cordovan bars and blotches; lip white veined and overlaid violet purple; column apple green heavily overlaid cordovan; anther cap white; substance very firm; texture crystalline.
Exhibitor: Casa de las Orquideas