Provisional Awards

Southland Orchid Show, San Marino, CA, October 13, 2011

Paph. Wood Wonder Red Wonder AM 83
© Arthur Pinkers 2011
Plant Name: Paphiopedilum Wood Wonder 'Red Wonder' AM/AOS 83 pts.
(Zelwood Station x Hsinying Maru)

Natural Spread Horizontal: 12.6 cm Vertical: 9.0 cm
Dorsal Sepal
Width: 6.0 cm Length: 6.6 cm
Petal Width: 3.0 cm Length: 7.0 cm
Lateral Sepal (Synsepal): Width: 3.5 cm Length: 4.5 cm
Lip (Pouch): Width: 2.8 cm Length: 6.6 cm

Description: One well balanced, slightly cupped flower on a 32.0 cm inflorescence; dorsal sepal maroon, green halo basally, stripped darker maroon and bordered green on proximal half; petals light green, spotted maroon, overlaid light maroon on distal two-thirds; synsepal maroon, stripped darker maroon; pouch claret red; staminode tan green, dark green centrally; substance firm; texture crystalline on dorsal sepal and glossy on petals and pouch.
Exhibitor: Paphanatics