Provisional Awards

Desert Valley Orchid Society Show, Phoenix, AZ, April 9, 2011

Doritaenopsis KV Charmer ‘KV 501’
© Eric Goo 2011
Plant Name: Doritaenopsis KV Charmer 'KV 501' AM/AOS 83 pts.
(Phal. Salu Peoker x Dtps. Taida Pearl)

Natural Spread Horizontal: 9.0 cm Vertical: 4.0 cm
Dorsal Sepal
Width: 3.4 cm Length: 4.0 cm
Petal Width: 4.2 cm Length: 4.2 cm
Lateral Sepal (Synsepal): Width: 3.1 cm Length: 3.6 cm
Lip (Pouch): Width: 1.9 cm Length: 3.0 cm

Description: Nineteen flowers and eight buds on two branched inflorescences; sepals and petals lemon yellow, veins spotted dark red, coalescing basally; sepal distal margins faintly veined red; petal margins faintly veined red; lip white, overlaid centrally and on side lob margins dark red-purple mid lobe purple distally, tipped white; column white, base and dorsal surface purple; anther cap white; substance firm; texture matte.
Exhibitor: Eric Goo
Phalaenopsis Memoria John Heric ‘Celebration’
© Eric Goo 2011
Plant Name: Phalaenopsis Memoria John Heric 'Celebration' AM/AOS 82 pts.
(Chang Jhih Rose x Chingruey's Tiger)

Natural Spread Horizontal: 7.6 cm Vertical: 6.7 cm
Dorsal Sepal
Width: 2.8 cm Length: 3.5 cm
Petal Width: 3.3 cm Length: 3.2 cm
Lateral Sepal (Synsepal): Width: 3.1 cm Length: 3.2 cm
Lip (Pouch): Width: 1.6 cm Length: 2.0 cm

Description: Sixteen well presented flowers on two 22.0 cm slightly arched inflorescences; sepals and petals yellow, densly spotted and blotched blood-red arranged well; lip blood-red, callus and base of side lobes gold; column white; substance firm; texture waxy.
Exhibitor: Eric Goo